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Someone said that “if you have the passion or zeal for something, you can achieve it.” Sometimes we become ambitious beyond of what we can realistically achieve. But if we passionately work towards something, we can get closer or even reach it. Luckily, the world now has become a global village and opportunities are surrounding us.

Being journalists based in a third-world country like Nepal, we have fewer opportunities to pursue professional education and expand our knowledge. It was not easy for a rural boy to become a journalist. Gaining international academic knowledge and exposure was beyond our expectation. I was aware of how important professional knowledge is in journalism. I was desperately seeking opportunities for professional and academic knowledge in order to pursue my dream job.

I was associated with national media, so somehow I gained exposure at the national level, but in the international arena, it was not so easy to find opportunities. There is a saying that you have to be optimistic until the last breath and I do continually dream of international exposure and a degree. It came true when I applied for the KAS Media Asia fellowship.

I was selected as a fellow in 2019. Up to now, the knowledge I gained personally and professionally is outstanding. Before I associated with KAS and enrolled at Atene de Manila, my journalism practice was traditional. I followed the seniors and got the story.

Now, I have confidence and creativity for news stories. I can feel, smell, and create a constructive news story. Now I can understand the national and international approaches of news story and their importance. So I am really thankful to the KAS Media Programme for this beautiful opportunity.

The existence of this organization in the region has not only created opportunities. Quality journalism has also flourished. The network of alumni and fellows is a strength of quality and professional journalism. But the network is not as active as the importance it has. As a part of this network, I wish it could actively show the importance of quality journalism in the region. The support of this organization is much appreciated so far, and it will be in the days ahead.

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Bashant Khadka

Alumni, Master of Journalism, Ateneo De Manila University

Bashant Khadka is a Nepali journalist who is reporting on politics, foreign affairs, and climate issues for Nepal Republic Media while pursuing his master’s degree from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. He is further a member and a fellow of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network.

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